About me

Paulien Schipper (1975) has since 2003 been an independent, traditional artist-goldsmith with a love for technique and (art)history. The wisdom, wealth and beauty of past centuries inspire her to design jewellery:

‘In my designs I try to translate my search in life. Combining sense, technique and wearability into one timeless image. I see life itself as well as this beautiful craft as a continuous learning process, with new challenges and discoveries over and over.

After finishing my education as a goldsmith (Schoonhoven) and a gemmologist (Dutch Gemmological Institute), Ralph Bakker taught me the love of the profession. And I have been loving it ever since!

Through my wide interest in historical things I find it very fascinating to restore old jewellery, vintage jewellery and heirlooms, or to fit them into contemporary jewels. Always seeking to honour the heritage and the tradition of the craft as well as the origin of the piece itself’.


All photos were made by Michael Anhalt, except the photos on the Ronald McDonald page and when otherwise indicated.
Paulien Schipper is a member of the Dutch Guild for Goldsmiths



For questions, comments or inspiration, please contact me via e-mail, whatsapp or telephone!