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Information about Covid-19

Dear customer,

You are very welcome for repairs on all jewellery, alterations, restorations and new designs!

I follow all the rules of the Dutch Health and Safety Organisation (RIVM) and I keep a 1,5 meter distance. I’m asking you to please:

  • always make an appointment
  • come alone as much as possible
  • postpone your visit when you are feverish, have a cold or a cough
  • keep a 1,5 meter distance

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Image: © Alfred Pasieka/Science Photo Library via Getty Images


Jewelry from grandmother's time. Connected to this time. Out of that drawer and wear with pride!


The old technique of filigree wire applied in a contemporary piece of jewellery. Play with light and time!


Graceful, fragile, durable. Organically shaped pieces of jewellery. Playing with light in an outstanding way.


One ring, two faces. A novel, wearable ring, whilst the original stays in tact.


Pure gold for pure love.

Free work