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New! Tussie Mussies

For Masterly The Hague I designed special brooches you can wear real flowers in!
Popular in Victorian times to convey (secret) messages.

Great as a modern, chic corsage


Dear customer,

You are very welcome in the workshop for buying newly designed, handmade jewellery or treat yourself to one of my own designs!
Also welcome for all repairs and maintenance on your jewellery or family heirlooms!

Enjoy my designs on this website!

Coming to the workshop? Please:

  • make an appointment
  • postpone your visit when you are feverish, have a cold or a cough

Thank you for understanding and your cooperation.


Tussie Mussie broche jade


Jewelry from grandmother's time. Connected to this time. Out of that drawer and wear with pride!


The old technique of filigree wire applied in a contemporary piece of jewellery. Play with light and time!


Graceful, fragile, durable. Organically shaped pieces of jewellery. Playing with light in an outstanding way.


One ring, two faces. A novel, wearable ring, whilst the original stays in tact.


Pure gold for pure love.

Free work