goudsmid rotterdam

‘Zeeuwse knoop’ brooch

Brooch made from vintage traditional Dutch costume jewellery (Zeeuwse knoop)

Transformed into a contemporary piece of jewellery by adding a golden lamellae button

18k gold, silver and steel

€ 1150,-
Unieke trouwringen van puur goud

24 carat gold (wedding)rings

Beautiful in their simplicity! These rings are made from ONE PIECE of pure gold. Traditional, unpolished and lived through after a while like a beautiful piece of leather. These rings only get more beautiful! Special memories in the form of scratches or dents. Your rings as a mirror of your life together.

Inquire about the possibilities!

Price on request
Handgemaakte ring van goud

Beehive ring

18 carat yellow gold ring with twist.

From € 1495,-
Paulien Schipper goudsmid vuuropaal

Berry earrings

Stand-out earrings with fire opals
Like berries in your ears

18k gold, silver, fire-opal, niello

€ 365,-
gouden broche met vintage Limoges en parel


Beautiful brooch with vintage Limoges and pearl.

18 carat yellow gold, enamel, pearl

€ 1875,-
edelsmid rotterdam

Catch the sunlight

18 carat yellow gold ring.

Paulien Schipper jewelry

Classic beauty

14 carat yellow gold earrings with drop pearls.

€ 1250,-
jewellery Paulien Schipper


Available from large to small, 18 carat yellow gold.


Black Pearl

gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen

White pearl

gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen

White opal

gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen

Pink coral

gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen

Tiger eye

gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen


gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen


gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen


gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen

Blood coral

gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen


gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen


gouden oorhangers met wisselbare edelstenen


Earrings (various sizes)

18 carat yellow gold, opal. Equipped with an exchange system for the precious stones!

Choose the stones that suit you!

From €550,-


Silver and 18 carat yellow gold earrings with pearl. Blackened with niello.

€ 375,-
Parelcollier met wisselbare gouden sluiting gezet met diamant

Exchangeable lock

Golden ball made of filigree wire and diamond
An old technique used in a modern shape for the ultimate modern chique!
18 carat yellow gold, pearls, diamond.

Choose what necklace goes with the lock!

€ 2850,-
Collier met gouden wisselbaar slot en lava

Fiery necklace

Slat exchange lock 18kt yellow gold, lava.

Gouden ringen

Golden rings

Beautiful handmade rings in different shapes made from 18 carat yellow gold. A different colour gold from every angle!

From €1400,-
Gouden ring met toermalijn door edelsmid Rotterdam

Golden tourmaline ring

A very elegant golden ring featuring a green tourmaline

Handmade and unique

14k gold, tourmaline

€ 1950,-
Paulien Schipper jewellery

Lamellae ear studs

Available in different sizes, 18 carat yellow gold and silver.

Vanaf €500,-
goldsmith Paulien Schipper

Lamellae pendant

18 carat yellow gold, silver.

gouden ring met maanstenen

Modern day granny

14k golden ring with moonstones.
Transform your heirlooms into contemporary jewellery

From € 1195,-
Gouden ring samengesteld uit twee vintage ringen

Modern vintage

Golden ring, composed of two original, vintage rings.
A real eyecatcher!

14 carat gold, coral, citrine

€ 1950,-
edelsmid rotterdam

Moonstone necklace

Interchangeable lock, 18kt yellow gold, moonstone, diamond

The centerpiece at any party!

€ 2850,-
gouden oorbellen met parels

Pearl earrings

Kinky chique!
14 carat gold and pearls.

€ 650,-
zilveren ring met citrien

Silver ring

Silver ring, composed of two rings with citrine, filigree technique and a little surprise inside the ball!

Silver, citrine

€ 1150,-
gouden ring met rookkwarts

Smokey quartz ring

Golden ring with large smokey quartz
Hole structure based on the ceiling of a 70’s car

18k gold, smokey quartz

Handgezaagde broche van goud en zilver

Solar brooch

Put it on! 14 carat yellow gold, 925 silver and steel.

€ 1100,-
Ring van zilver en goud gezet met mosagaat. Oud goud weer als nieuw

Tough with silver

Ring, silver, 14 carat yellow gold and moss agate.

From €850,-